Laparotomy Machine

The Surgimach Laparotomy Compression Machine is an automated machine for producing 4, 6, and 8 ply folded gauze sponges and non-woven sponges. The sponge is folded and presented to an indexing conveyor for delivery to four manual sewing stations. The folded sponge requires sewing on three sides only, as the fourth side is machine folded and does not require sewing. An X-Ray element applicator is provided, or an optional ribbon applicator can be provided if required. The standard X-Ray heat applicator can be provided with the machine, or, for an additional charge, an optional ultra-sonic welding applicator can be provided. Automated sewing can be provided for two sides of the sponge, or total automation with sewing for all three sides. Other sizes and optional features quoted upon request.