Packaging Machine

The Surgimach Integrated Packaging System is a patented design and has many advantages over the competition. The patented process folds the sponge, inspects every sponge, counts the product, and collects the product to process into the package system. The packaging system compresses the sponge prior to sealing the package to reduce package size and to improve quality appearance of the sponge. It then seals the package (all four sides at the same time), inspects the package for product in or near the seal area, automatically discards packages that have product near the seal area, and then delivers the package in preselected count quantities. Only one operator is required for the entire process. The Non-Integrated Packaging System uses an infeed conveyor for placement of product by two or three packers at the infeed side of the machine and has the same optional capabilities of inspection and count control.

We believe that the platen heat sealed package system, which we use, has far superior seal integrity than that of rotary heat sealed or cold sealed packaging. The platen heat seal method allows for longer dwell times and control of pressure (evenly distributed) around the perimeter of the package since all four sides are sealed at the same time. Irregularities in dwell time and pressure associated with rotary seal packaging may cause weak seals that are difficult to detect prior to sterilization and packaging. Weak seals are more likely to open up during the sterilization process due to high temperature and high pressure, as well as vacuum conditions. When you consider these points, you can see why we feel so much more confident using the platen heat seal method.

The Surgimach Series 500 Packaging Machine is a multi-lane machine that provides four lanes of simultaneous production with a total output of up to one hundred forty packages per minute (140 PPM). The left side consists of 2 lanes and is independent of the 2 lanes on the right side; therefore, when one side requires stopping for routine maintenance or roll change, you only lose 50% of comparable production capacity. In comparison, most of our competitors produce at a rate of 60 packages per minute and very few have the capacity to produce more than 120 packages per minute without reducing dwell and pressure time, which runs the risk of weaker package seals and reduces package reliability and integrity. Also, when a competitor's machine is down for maintenance or roll change, you lose 100% of your production during the down time since all lanes run off the same roll of paper. This lost down time significantly adds to the after purchase operating cost of the machine.

The Surgimach Series 550 Integrated Packaging Machine is a film packaging process that is founded on the same principals as the Series 500 Packaging Machine, and has the capability of inline inspection and count control. The advantage of the Series 550 is that it is a fully integrated system that forms the package inline with the sponge production system; it also has the capability to produce formed film packages, as well as paper-to-paper sealed packages.

If you take all of the above facts into consideration, we believe you will find the Surgimach machines to be superior to those of our competition. We sincerely believe that if you make the decision to buy one of our machines, you will not be disappointed.