Slitter Machine

The Surgimach SL-72 Slitter is a unique design that goes beyond the capabilities of most slitters in the industry. Our slitter was designed for the medical gauze industry. This fact encouraged some very innovative ideas due to the fact that gauze material is an open weave and is not stable, thus making it much more difficult to work with. Because of the loose weave, gauze is very easily pulled askew, causing biased material. Biased material is a major problem in the folding process and greatly affects the quality of the finished product; therefore, the Surgimach Slitter was designed with adjustment devices to compensate for the bias condition. The Surgimach Slitter is capable of handling a variety of products ranging from non-woven gauze to paper and plastic.

The SL72 was designed for use in the bleaching and drying process as a beam winder, as well as a slitter. The SL72 is also often used to rewind cloth for the batching of cloth prior to bleaching. The bleach beam can be inserted at the wind-up station for rewinding the cloth from the weaving beams.

The SL72 can be provided with an inline tape-splicing unit for splicing two or more rolls so as to produce large continuous rolls. This provides for continuous drying at the drying process. The tape splice attachment allows for a controlled splice that will spread the cloth to its full width, instead of gathering the material for tied ends or sewn splices, which creates several meters (yards) of wasted cloth. The splice is usually stronger than the cloth being spliced, and the splice can endure the bleach process as well as the high temperature environment of the drying process.

The SL72 can also be connected to the drying process as a re-winder while slitting the rolls for finished production. Surgimach provides the interface of the electrical controls so as to control the tension and the speed of the wind-up to match the speed of the drying equipment.

The SL72 is also equipped with a continuous tension system that controls the tension from start to finish of the rewind/slitting process. This provides better control for the finishing process and eliminates the variables typically induced in a non-tension controlled process.

The electrical control system on the SL72 is state-of-the-art. It is equipped with touch screen functions for visual read-out of process controls and data information monitors. The process controls provide for preselection of the batch size and will automatically stop at the selected setting. It also allows for program selection of the cut width of individual rolls by individual selection of the cutting heads.

The final feature of the SL72 Slitter, which also is state-of-the-art design, is the safety guard system. Safety guards are typically in the way and awkward to work around with large, heavy rolls. Therefore, the guards are often removed, exposing the operator to unsafe conditions. Recognizing that the machine must be compatible with the work environment, as well as provide accessibility, we have equipped our machine with high efficiency braking systems and use a safety light beam system that will detect the intrusion of hands, arms, or other objects entering the safety control area.

We think you will agree that the Surgimach SL72 Slitter is designed for today's technology.