Gauze Compression (Sponge) Machines

Surgimach Gauze Compression Machines are improved versions of the original gauze sponge machines. They have been redesigned using modern technology to run more quietly and smoothly, with a minimum vibration. These improvements not only create higher efficiency and lower waste, but also reduce wear on moving parts.

Surgimach machines have become the preferred choice around the world because of their efficiency, reliability, and waste control. Surgimach machines require less gauze per finished sponge. Electrical power consumption is 10-12% less than that of our competition. Through-process efficiency is typically 84%-86%; waste is typically 1.5% with good quality gauze.

Surgimach machines produce 120 American fold sponges (compressions) per minute (60SPM per lane times 2 lanes). The Surgimach machines are also capable of producing French folds at 360 sponges per minute, and our machines require considerably less material for production of the sponges. According to many of our customers, our competitors' machines typically require approximately 4 cm. for the edge fold and the waste averages 5-10%; the Surgimach machines normally require 1 cm. per side and the waste is usually 1.5% or less, and the power consumption is considerably less for our machines (without the X-Ray Applicator).

Surgimach machines can produce American folded sponges, 8, 12, 16, or 32 ply. Also, 20x12 (13 thread) is not a problem on our machine. We are able to produce all size sponges without sacrificing quality. When you consider all of these factors, you will find that the pay-back is extremely good with the Surgimach machines. These are some of the features which have made our machines the preferred design by many of the world's leading manufacturers.

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